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This is a discussion community wherein we can talk about race, sex, gender issues, feminism, black feminism etc. mostly from the perspective of women of color. That does not mean that other groups are excluded, or unwelcome. This is just the outgrowth of a series of discussions and the number of people interested has grown over time.

This community is currently CLOSED as of September 30 2008.


1. Contact the mods at snr.mods@gmail.com. Do not go to our personal LJ's and comment, IM us, or send emails to our personal addresses. The only way to contact us and be well received is to use snr.mods@gmail.com. Ask questions, report problems, if it pertains to this comm then it needs to be sent to snr.mods@gmail.com.

2. No linking, or reposting of locked posts without the permission of the poster. You can refer to concepts in a general way, but no one's words that are shared here in the privacy of the comm should ever be seen by the general public without that person's permission.

3. This space is WOC focused, but that does not mean WOC have free license to act a fool.

4. Allies are welcome, but this is not intended to be an educational space.

5. Violators of these rules get one warning. One. Then the ban hammer. We are all adults, and I have no desire to expend a lot of energy policing this space.

6. No colorful fonts

7. No leet-speak or chat shorthand

8. This is a place where WOC can relax and vent their spleen. It is not a place where we will attack each other. It is meant to be a restful space free from having to argue over the basic tenets of anti-racism, feminism, and related subjects. Remember that when you attempt to join us.

9. Leave your bad attitudes outside. This is a discussion community, and if someone suggests you lack information? You probably need to read, watch, listen to what they are recommending. Trolls will be sent packing.

10. The comm is set to automatically default to FO posting, you may make your posts public if you wish, but rest assured even if it looks like there are no recent posts at first glance this is an active community.